Lure FX is a Canadian small business owned and operated by Morley Robertson in Ottawa, Ontario.  All baits are meticulously finished with a combination of airbrushing and hand-painting in many realistic custom patterns that have been extremely effective, some of which are currently being successfully used on the FLW Bass Tour.

These flat sided coffin bill baits dive from 5-8 feet, and have a weight-transfer rattle system and tight wobbling action that drives fish crazy!  Using colourful and realistic custom patterns, these baits match many types of baitfish and panfish that are preyed upon by larger species.  All Lure FX baits are coated in a waterproof, heat resistant polymer coating that can take a beating, and the ultra sharp Eagle Claw treble hooks will make sure that your trophy won’t be “the one that got away”.  Big fish can’t resist a Lure FX bait!

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